let the flames begin

Let The Flames Begin. lightfires has been creating bespoke images and events for over 12 years. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands and more delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire to smaller audiences. We can provide anything from a single effect to a piece of theatre, devise a whole pyro-animated performance, or craft a firework celebration to suit your needs.

the witching hour

By Periplum

Immerse yourself in spinning tales of alchemy and legend from the East and West, brought to life with spellbinding theatre, magic and wonder. In the hour between twilight and dark, restless souls appear – in the echo of a song, a rumble of thunder, a trick of the light. They flicker in the treetops and travel through hidden tunnels. West to East, East to West, anchored in the North. From the magical Alleys of East Hull to the Witches Circle in Birkenhead. These souls take sanctuary in two enchanting parks and keep alive the memories of all that’s gone before.

The Witching Hour is a brand-new outdoor performance commissioned for Hull and Wirral – two amazing locations each using culture to breathe energy into place and connect communities.

The Witching Hour was a truly incredible event which brought people together.
— Cllr Christine Spriggs, Wirral’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism


Written by Periplum

Commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and Wirral Borough of Culture 2019.

Produced by Absolutely Cultured

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