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Let The Flames Begin. lightfires has been creating bespoke images and events for over 12 years. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands and more delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire to smaller audiences. We can provide anything from a single effect to a piece of theatre, devise a whole pyro-animated performance, or craft a firework celebration to suit your needs.

Welcome to lightfires. Our passion for art was forged in the coals.

We’ve a real passion for creating bespoke images and events with wide appeal. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands. That said we’re just as passionate about the small scale, and the delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire.

Whether we’re providing a single effect to a piece of theatre, devising a whole pyro-animated performance, or crafting a firework celebration, we like to design things that really work artistically.

 Let our passion for the science behind the effects set your imagination ablaze.’s dark, it’s exciting, it keeps you a little breathless and looking over your shoulder.
— Mim King, Total Theatre (praise for '451')


Lightfires began handling explosives and flammables in 2004. Our core crew are all competent working with all categories of fireworks and pyrotechnics. As we've developed relationships with UK manufacturers, if we’re not able to buy off the shelf, we can get it made just for us.

 We enjoy the science behind the effects and like to bring together people with diverse skills from physics, chemistry, engineering and mathematics to creative arts people and projects. Our design team have built all sorts of flame systems, from very large walls of fire to very small handheld systems. We’ve built fail-safe explosive firing systems into theatre sets, costumes and even small stage props.

 We would normally expect to provide all of the following for all events we work on. Site visits, meeting with local authority officials, health and safety officers, production management etc. Preparation of method statement and risk assessment specific to the event. £5M Public Liability Insurance (£10M also available). CGI visualisation for client approval.

 Our core crew all hold a First Aid at Work certificate and City & Guilds BPA Level 2 Senior Firer. All our explosive drivers are ADR qualified.


We’re always willing to collaborate with other artists. So if you want to follow our passion for literally explosive art why not talk to us about your event.

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...satisfying an audience’s desire for pyrotechnics and finding a genuine reason to deliver them.
— Lyn Gardner (451) area full of contraptions spitting fire like a homemade Mad Max set.
— Daniel Dylan Wray, The Guardian (Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory)
From little tearaways to old boys who sit in the pub, they all loved it. People are still talking about it and I can’t stop smiling when I think about it.
— Christina Reading, local resident. (7 Alleys) original take on the fire garden experience with a fantastic sense of immersion. The interactive components animated the Central Gardens brilliantly...
— Roxy Robinson, Bournemouth Arts By the Sea Festival 2017 (Dr. Kronovator's Fire Laboratory)
They craved the fire that grows with passion, only to have it snatched away from them, like trying to catch smoke.
— Emma-Leigh Hayes, Appetite (Soul Of Fado)
Visually & aurally stunning – the show crackled with pyrotechnics, music & sound effects, not to mention emotion.
— Northern Echo (Homecoming)

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