let the flames begin

Let The Flames Begin. lightfires has been creating bespoke images and events for over 12 years. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands and more delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire to smaller audiences. We can provide anything from a single effect to a piece of theatre, devise a whole pyro-animated performance, or craft a firework celebration to suit your needs.


By kp projects

FireSpring was a unique event that invited you to experience Cyclopark, Gravesend, as never before. FireSpring was created by Karen Poley, who created the reCyculture, bike installations around Gravesham & Kent in 2012.

FireSpring was a magical, fire-filled, night time experience.  Visitors were invited to light up & cycle to the event, help create light installations & wander around the site to explore the fire installations & see pyrotechnic performances.

Photography by Ray Gibson


directed by: Karen Poley

Production manager: Gabriel Burden

crew: Asher Heigham

crew: Frank Earle-Whiffen

crew: G Allum

crew: Martin King

crew: Mat Nicholls

crew: Mat Ort

crew: Sally Langford

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