let the flames begin

Let The Flames Begin. lightfires has been creating bespoke images and events for over 12 years. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands and more delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire to smaller audiences. We can provide anything from a single effect to a piece of theatre, devise a whole pyro-animated performance, or craft a firework celebration to suit your needs.

Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory

In collaboration with Emergency Exit Arts

Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory is a stunning interactive environment with ingenious fire installations for audiences of all ages, including children.

Wander through a vista of flames and chemical reactions made all the more exciting and intriguing through an evocative and informative soundscape. At the centre of the Fire Laboratory is the eponymous Dr. Kronovator and his acrobatic assistant preparing their experimental flame and steam powered contraptions that audiences are invited to activate.

Currently taking bookings for 2018 - contact Emergency Exit Arts original take on the fire garden experience with a fantastic sense of immersion. The interactive components animated the Central Gardens brilliantly...
— Roxy Robinson, Bournemouth Arts By the Sea Festival 2017 area full of contraptions spitting fire like a homemade Mad Max set.
— Daniel Dylan Wray, The Guardian



Lead Artist G Allum

Soundscape Ben Raine

Dr. Kronovator Tiago Fonseca, Joe Fleming

Video Dasa Raimanova

Photographer Ray Gibson, Ben Raine


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