let the flames begin

Let The Flames Begin. lightfires has been creating bespoke images and events for over 12 years. Our effects have brought internationally acclaimed shows to audiences in their thousands and more delicate perhaps more surprising artistic uses of fire to smaller audiences. We can provide anything from a single effect to a piece of theatre, devise a whole pyro-animated performance, or craft a firework celebration to suit your needs.

it’s competition time!

lightfires has reached 500 productions!  We are very proud to have supported all of the artists, arts companies and communities we have. But without our supporters, collaborators and friends we’d still be looking for our first creative opportunity.

There are literally thousands of people who have helped lightfires, far too many to name; teachers, technicians, engineers, actors, designers, directors, makers, musicians, singers, composers, choreographers, dancers, volunteers, voice-over artists, poets, promoters, production managers, producers, suppliers, writers, critics and more.

lightfires would not exist without your support. Thank you all. Paul x


Winners will be announced 31st July 2019.

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Good luck, and thank you for entering.

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